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When decorating your home means expressing yourself in an artful way, then the gorgeous handmade rugs by British designer Jeff Banks can do just that for you. These days, as hardwoods flooring and tile have become more and more popular in homes, the trend for incorporating fashion, colour, and style with area rugs is growing hugely in popularity. They serve to increase the warmth, welcome, and softness of any room. Our plentiful choice of colours and patterns in the Jeff Banks Designer collection is sure to please you. The only hard part is choosing which ones you like the best. More than just a floor covering, your Designer Jeff Banks rug makes a statement about you and your good taste. Your floor becomes a background for an amazing piece of art. Made of heavyweight wool pile with hand carving, these rugs are stunning in design and are the ultimate in quality. Each pattern is more beautiful than the next. The oval designs come in colours that reflect water, sky, and earth. The stripe designs are an eclectic statement of stunning high fashion and modern good taste. Available in two standard sizes, a Designer Jeff Banks rug will be a beautiful addition of high fashion to any room in your home or office. They compliment the most modern of furniture and décor, and are a surprisingly good fit in a traditional setting as well. Designer Jeff Banks rugs – they set the standard for good design and good living.