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Entrance matting

Ali’s Carpets always like to balance two areas for our customers: the look of a carpet and its functionality. Now here is this more obvious than the entrance matting we offer. This is the part of your premises that will be subject to the most wear and tear, as all the traffic coming in or going out must pass this point at some point.

During a working day, depending on the size of your business, this could run into scores, hundreds or even thousands of pairs of feet every day. This is why our entrance matting is manufactured to be durable and robust. But, as the place where people also get a first impression of your services, it is also important to have entrance matting that is also lively and attractive. Just because the material is built to absorb pressure doesn’t mean it has to be drab or dull.

Ali’s Carpets offer a wide range of excellent entrance matting, in 21st century colour schemes that will catch the eye just as readily as they minimise wear and tear. We can also offer different sizes. Perhaps you would prefer to have entrance matting that protected your entire foyer – material that is sturdy and is also stain repellent and easy to clean. On the other hand, you might be content with an entrance mat that greets your visitors. It is often a great idea to have your organisation’s logo or slogan printed onto the entrance matting or welcome mat, too.Entrance Matting